A new social contract with robots

26th July 2017
Robots are now increasingly intelligent and able to perform complex tasks. What does this mean for our jobs? The magazine Technologist digs into the answer in its 13th edition.

Machines will fill nearly 40% of our current jobs by 2030, according to several studies. Optimists envision humans continuing to work in collaboration with robots. The latest edition of Technologist looks at the connection between humans and the machine and shows how Europe is well positioned to tackle this challenge.

The second main article in the issue features the alliance between doctors and engineers. The pragmatic engineering approach can unlock new medical applications. Technologist profiles the principal shakers and movers, as well as key projects, in this new medical movement.

Appearing every three months, Technologist is available in newsstands in more than 20 countries and by subscription (http://www.technologist.eu/subs) for 42 € for eight issues. German and French versions of the magazine are sold in Swiss newsstands. Versions in German, French and English are distributed internationally.