Offensive capability

13th March 2017
In the Horn of Africa, the only Japanese military base outside the archipelago aims to counter China's influence in the continent. Météore takes an in-depth look in images at the 21st-century Japanese army.

Since 2011, a Japanese military base has been operational in Djibouti with one sole aim: the defence of Japanese vessels plagued by piracy in the region. And the government now wants to extend the garrison's functions and stand up to China. However, Japan is constitutionally forbidden to maintain an army and only self-defence forces are permitted. This is an opportunity for Météore to reveal the outlines of the 21st-century Japanese army.

In this second issue, innovative projects are transforming Geneva's image. An app identifies the most striking examples, including the Musée d’Ethnographie (MEG) as well as the transformation of Credit Suisse in the city centre.

Available in French, Météore is a pictorial magazine produced by LargeNetwork and the photo agency Lundi13. Météore deliberately keeps text to a minimum to give priority to images. The magazine's second issue can be found on newsstands in French-speaking Switzerland, priced at CHF 5, from Monday, 13 March 2017. It will remain on sale until publication of the third issue on Monday 13 November 2017.